We have a few things to share with you.

I met with Ploy and Guy back in November 2017, shortly before their baby was due, and have been so busy with the operational side of Design Store since that I've only now got the chance to finally share this amazing home visit with you.

Can you introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about the story of this house?

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Earlier this year, the team from home and tuis magazines came to photograph our home in Schotchekloof Cape Town. Home photograpghed our open-plan living area for a feature on fireplaces (June 2018 magazine) and both of our bathrooms (April 2018) for an article on making your small bathroom appear larger. 

The shoot morning was fun, as I got to assist in some of the styling!

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Hello, my name is Kelly Fry. I am 17 years old. One of my passions happen to be interior designing.  I enjoy decorating rooms through various online apps. Below is my first article which I wrote exclusively for Design Store. I hope that you enjoy reading it.


Many people have their own unique style when it comes to decorating their homes, while others don't have a particular look that they strive toward, but rather decorate “blind” – a dangerous strategy to say the least.

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