We have a few things to share with you.

We are OPEN to process all orders. All ecommerce-linked deliveries are now allowed. 

Rules and Covid-19 lockdown guidelines change from week to week. Lucky for us Thursday evening's news counted in our favour. 

Kindly note all Design Store's partner workshops are manufacturing at only 20% capacity due to government regulations until we receive further instructions otherwise. Please be kind and understand that the adjusted timelines are out of our control.

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Design Store and the workshops around South Africa that we work with, welcomes Level 4 lockdown with open arms. We are relieved and extremely grateful that we can start fulling orders again. 

After 5 long weeks, we can slowly start returning to normal and commence some product-making!

The workshops can start manufacturing at 20% capacity from Monday 4 May and scale up to 50% production capacity from Level 3.

Unfortunately, all deliveries and courier services can only commence from Level 3.

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A lot of us have taken financial knocks with the extended lockdown. Same here at Design Store and the workshops we partner with. Sales have been noticebly slower than usual, which is understandable as people navigate through these weird and uncertain times.

To help ensure that staff have jobs to return to post-lockdown, we've decided to extend a discount on our steel beds that is valid for the remainder of April. 

We’re offering 10% OFF all our steel beds online with the coupon code STAYHOME10.

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Time to stay at home.

We will honour our president's decision on the extended nationwide lockdown until end of April.

Even though we had to press pause on production and deliveries for now, orders and payment processing are OPEN for Design Store customers during lockdown.

Production lead-times and courier deliveries will commence from Monday 4 May.

Please be kind and understand that the adjusted timelines are out of our control.

Our admin team will be working remotely and can be contacted via email.

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