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What we are about.

Built on 5 years' experience within the e-commerce space, during which we identified and worked with the best of South African design, the concept for Design Store was born and launched early 2017.

Why choose products from Design Store?

We work closely with various workshops around South Africa to bring you the most contemporary made items for your space. Each product is carefully chosen based on quality and authenticity. We pride ourselves on introducing you to items not available to purchase anywhere else in South Africa.

The focus of Design Store’s product offering is on locally made items for your space - with regular new product releases of decor, furniture, lights and homeware.

Design Store strives to encourage others to support local trade through shopping for South African made products. We focus on bringing the best of South African decor, furniture, lighting and homeware design to your doorstep through free and convenient courier delivery around South Africa. We also proudly stock select decor items from further across Africa.

We encourage buying bespoke South African designed goods. By supporting South African designers and artisans, you are stimulating local job creation and contributing to the continued growth of this important sector.

Our focus is on quality and superior craftsmanship of the goods we stock.

Our objective is to provide a superior online store to bring the best of South African designed decor and furniture products to the consumer.




We’ve got a passion for quality handmade decor, furniture, homeware and lights designed and made in South Africa. Superior workmanship is what we strive to promote.




We’re constantly on the lookout for new and wonderful homeware and furniture products that exude quality and craftsmanship.




We want to share our finds with you by making them all conveniently accessible in one place via our user-friendly online store.

We love our customers.

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