This is Design Store

Who we are.

I'm very familiar with the online retail space. I started my first ecommerce store nine years ago, rebranded that business after a few years and finally relaunched as Design Store.

Not only do I work in online retail, in my personal capacity I do a lot of and enjoy online shopping with numerous other South African online retailers. Both these factors gives me the confidence to easily transact online. For others, buying something online might still be a scary and unfamiliar process. That personal engagement from traditionally visiting a brick-and-morter store now gets replaced with automated processes (which are all still managed and executed by real people behind the scenes).

We work with various workshops, artists and furniture makers around South Africa - all specialising in their own niche interior product offering. All our deliveries are outsourced services to third party logistics companies.

This means that many, many people are actively involved in the completion of your online order with us. 

To make us seem more human and less like some robot or AI processing your order - I thought it would be nice asking the rest of the in-house team one question as an introduction of who Design Store is.


Why do you enjoy working for Design Store?


"Hi, I am Shannon and it is my pleasure to manage and process your orders.

I graduated at the end of 2020 with a Diploma in Interior Design from Inscape College in Cape Town.

What I love about working with Design Store is that we don't follow a strict corporate structure but rather embody a more welcoming and personal work environment." - Shannon Austin


"Contributing to Design Store in various capacities ensures that each day presents unique challenges - keeping the work interesting whilst simultaneously expanding my skillset.

With a background in traditional corporate, working as part of a remote team provides me with an appreciation for the degree of freedom allotted to staff.

Further, our insistence on quality-first speaks to my personal ethos." - Lendyll Naicker


It brings me great joy sharing the best of South African designed decor and furniture to customers through our online platform. 

Happy shopping,

Ute Faure