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  • A lot of us have taken financial knocks with the extended lockdown. Same here at Design Store and the workshops we partner with. Sales have been noticebly slower than usual, which is understandable as people navigate through these weird and uncertain times.

    To help ensure that staff have jobs to return to post-lockdown, we've decided to extend a discount on our steel beds that is valid for the remainder of April. 

    We’re offering 10% OFF all our steel beds online with the coupon code STAYHOME10.

    Use the discount code during the check-out stage of placing your order online. There is no limit to the number of steel beds you can purchase using the discount code STAYHOME10 until 30 April. 

    Now is the best time to acquire that steel bed you might've had your eyes on. We seldom host discounts. 

    Note that production and deliveries are paused. Lead-times will commence from 4 May. Our steel beds usually have a 4 week lead-time, which means orders placed now during lockdown would be completed end-May to early-June. 

    Please be kind and understand that the adjusted timelines are out of our control.

    We'll stay in touch and update you on your order during May. 

    Your support will keep the cogs turning for independent businesses like ours. So thank you.

    Stay safe and take care during these challenging times.

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  • Guest content writer Holly Clark from Land of Rugs in the UK shares some of her home decorating tips with us and our customers.

    Tips For Decorating On A Tight Budget

    Decorating on a tight budget is the prudent decision to make especially if you’ve decided to start spending a bit more frugally. The truth is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to create a magnificent room that you’ll be proud of.

    It is possible for individuals to decorate any room in their home on a limited budget. There are many inexpensive means of adding style to a room and also giving it a new appearance.

    These tips include:


    If one thinks that beautiful art cannot be purchased due to a small budget, think again. To give your room a new look, inexpensive paintings, sculptures, or quality limited edition fine art prints can be the best choices.


    Moving furniture around rooms can create a different ambiance. First, draw out plans before moving any heavy or large pieces since you might end up discovering that you need to return them if you’ve misjudged the space they require. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of certain rooms look into reorganizing these and clearing up clutter.


    Painting the walls, molding, furniture, ceiling or the floor can greatly impact the appearance of a room. Work on a single element at a time as this would require less spend. A big difference can be made by painting the accent walls in a dining or living room. Painting wood furniture the same color can balance the look and feel of any room.


    Combine or change accessories in the rooms you’re redecorating for a newer, fresher look. New throws or cushions for couches, changing artwork on walls, adding a new lampshade or even changing a bedspread can make a world of difference.

    In conclusion, a little elbow grease and heaps of creativity are key to stretching a modest budget.

    Thank you for sharing your tips with us Holly. 

    For great value shop Design Store’s Cowhide and Sheepskin rugs, which are best priced in South Africa and of superior quality. Our expertly crafted Steel Beds, featuring simple curves, have always represented good value for money.

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  • Hello, my name is Kelly Fry. I am 17 years old. One of my passions happen to be interior designing.  I enjoy decorating rooms through various online apps. Below is my first article which I wrote exclusively for Design Store. I hope that you enjoy reading it.


    Many people have their own unique style when it comes to decorating their homes, while others don't have a particular look that they strive toward, but rather decorate “blind” – a dangerous strategy to say the least.

    Fear not though, as help is at hand. Today I will be giving you some tips on how to decorate your home effectively.

    Colour Scheme

    When it comes to choosing a paint colour for your home, you may think it easy, right? I would advise that you put some thought into this decision though. For your kitchen, living room and dining areas I would recommend that you go with one colour in all three spaces. Do not go dark as darker colours may come off overwhelming, and it’s the last thing that you want when a guest walks in. If you like variety in colour, experiment in the bedrooms or bathrooms. Painting only one side of a bedroom wall is a clever way to add character. Remember that the bedroom is a place to relax, destress and feel at ease, so do keep this in mind when choosing your colours.


    My preference is neutral furniture with a splash of colour to compliment – providing a clean, modern look. Do not go for oversized furniture when decorating as living spaces will appear smaller. Rather go for regular pieces and small, cute chairs if required. Do not over-furnish. By this I mean limit the amount of furniture in a given room - not only will it make the room appear larger, but it would create a more welcoming and less restrictive ambience overall. Remember it will be ideal for your home to appear open, airy, and with lots of space to move around. Add a touch of greenery wherever you can. Nature’s always a winner - just remember to keep it small and tasteful - you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a jungle. Greenery adds a touch of colour and freshness. The added oxygen’s also great.


    Be careful when choosing your patterns. Busy, exotic colours on curtains for example, would clash with a clean, minimalist overall look. These may work in a child’s bedroom, but not necessarily in all areas of the home. You should make more use of patterns in your cushion/accessory choices instead. Do not go for just one pattern throughout though, but work with a combination of textures rather. Remember that details are important - it’s the little things that catch your guest’s eyes.

    I do hope that my tips have been helpful, and remember that Design Store products are the easiest way to compliment your home, always.

    Happy Designing,

    Kelly Fry

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  • Design Store now stocks a new range of locally sourced, handcrafted kids toys.

    Featured brands include Olly Polly, with designer Genevieve - being a mom herself, and understanding the importance of blending comfort with style - producing a collection of playroom must-haves. After all, kids bedrooms are where dragons are slayed, forts are made and wishes come true! Featured toys include the Bella and Bentley Bunnies available in white, black or grey; the heirloom worthy Dolls House Bed Frame; as well as the super-versatile Road Map Play Mat

    Bootoo Designs produces a selection of beautifully designed, personalised educational wooden toys aimed at aiding children in developing new skills. Stand-out offerings include a selection of Rocking Horses, Balance Bikes and Smiley Stoves.

    Designing and manufacturing our own toys in South Africa contributes toward building a full eco-system and promotes skills development.

    Be sure to check out our new Kids Rooms section for more great design ideas and thank you for supporting local design.

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  • Brighten up your home or office space this season with a range of fresh décor and modern furniture items as curated by our staff.

    Chief among its many uses, the handweaved Belly Basket works beautifully as a plant holder or home décor piece while storing bits including blankets or toys. The belly basket is this season's hot ticket item.

    Be noticed wearing one of our proudly South African lifestyle pieces such as the trendy Jesse Watch as created by Freedom of Movement.

    Our Tall Steel Locker as designed by Mother City Hardware brightens up any living space, be it the home, office or kids' room.

    The versatile Button Stool brings a pop of color to any room and can also double as a little side table. 

    Soundscape Pink, a limited edition A1 sized fine art piece from celebrated local artist Mariëtte Kotzé is available exclusively through Design Store.

    The in-vogue Jane Timberland Handbag is handmade from premium leather and compliments any modern woman during her outings. 

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  • At the start of each new year, we write out a list of changes we need to make and resolutions that we promise ourselves we’ll stick to. But let’s be honest, by now we’ve missed a couple of gym sessions, devoured numerous slices of cake, loaves of bread and all our favourite naughty treats, and shouted at our family members more times than we’re proud of…

    Here at Design Store, we think the new year should be a chance to make improvements, not a punishment from last year’s indulgence. In fact, we encourage indulging your senses in beautiful objects and delightful treats. So, we’ve put together a list of five design resolutions that you can’t help but stick to.


    We’re turning to nature for this year’s major design trend. Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 is greenery, representing revitalisation and refreshment – perfect for the beginning of a new year. Go on and turn your home into your own little oasis with fresh green walls and splashes of emerald, sea foam and even lime green for the brave.

    Take this trend a step further and create your own indoor forest with lush plants throughout the home and bold tropical prints on every available surface. Scatter cushions, wallpaper, and gorgeous bedding can help you can hold onto that summer feeling all year ‘round.

    Blushing Beauties

    If the thought of living in a suburban jungle leaves you a little green around the gills, then this next trend is the perfect antidote. Blush pinks and complimentary muted tones add a feminine touch to a sophisticated home.

    A hint of blush on the walls or the softest pink accessories will make you feel as though you’re seeing the first light of sunrise while relaxing at home. Perfect for maintaining your new-found serenity during any stress-inducing situations.

    Texture, Texture and more Texture

    Look but don’t touch is out the window in 2017. Computers, phones and all the other cold, flat screens we spend our time staring at have our senses are screaming for some textural stimulation. Best of all, this is a trend that you can introduce through layering rather than starting from scratch.

    Toss a wool blanket over the back of your couch, load up on cushions and pillows of various fabrics or cover the floor with a new rug that feels unique underfoot to re-engage with your surroundings.

    Artisanal Accents over DIY

    You’ll be relieved to hear that DIY is taking a back seat in 2017! Put down your glue gun, and log out of Pinterest for the moment – it’s time to hand over to the guys with the real skills. You heard right, the focus is on superior collectibles rather than the cheap and cheerful – something that Design Store is rather passionate about.

    Enjoy the return of craftsmanship as works of art in beautiful ceramics, hand-crafted textiles and investment furniture that acts as a focal point in any space.

    Muted Metallics

    Put down the smelling salts! We’re not talking garish golds and nouveau riche, in-your-face furnishings a la Trump Towers, but rather little touches of copper, rose gold and burnished bronzes that ooze good taste. In fact, copper is going to trump all in 2017.

    Think accents on furniture, light fittings and pots and trinkets dotted around the house. Lovers of all things Gatsby will be thrilled to hear that this look works particularly well with the cool glamour of Art Deco style.

    Content: Robyn Sluis-Cremer

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  • We sent one of our new blog contributors - Robyn Sluis-Cremer - to visit 100% Design South Africa in Johannesburg. This is what she had to say about the event.

    "The previous weekend has been a real treat for lovers of design. Or anyone with a soft spot for beautiful, covetable objects. Into its second year, 100% Design South Africa is a high-end curated exhibition that runs alongside Decorex Joburg.

    We went along on Saturday and wiled away the morning experiencing the very best that our homegrown talents have to offer. Decorex Joburg is a rather large affair, and at first, we feared we’d be trapped in the never-ending security-fencing stalls, but finally slipped past the patio furniture and found the way to, what can only be described as, a living Pinterest board. We’re still a bit swoony just thinking about it.

    Trying not to be waylaid by everything pretty, the first stop was our friends at Love Milo. We’ll be stocking a curated selection of their homeware products as well as their bag selection from end August under our new Design Store brand. The Cape Town-based boutique was showcasing their gorgeous ceramics, bag-worthy bags and divine fabrics. Their products make the perfect gifts for friends and family, and yourself – you deserve it. We had to restrain ourselves from not taking any their handbags or storage baskets home.

    Next, we popped past Hoi P’loy’s beautifully glowing stand. The vintage lighting company was riding high on their win from the previous night. It’s no surprise that they took home the award for Best Lighting Design, a really well-deserved win! The mix of old-world lighting and modern fixtures is electric. (Excuse the pun…)

    Our timing was just perfect so we were able to tag along on the tour of 100 Beautiful Things curated by Cathy O’Clery and in association with VISI. This feature represents a broad spectrum of our country’s creative expression – showcasing everything from handcrafts to high-end goods. Listening to Cathy speak so passionately about the people this exhibit represented was a real reminder of how important it is to invest in local designers. We were also very proud to see that one of the designers whose products we stock - David Krynauw and Skinny laMinx, was a part of this collection. Mother City Hardware also had two of their coveted steel lockers part of this exhibition - another new designer coming to the store under Design Store launching soon.

    100% Design South Africa gave us a chance to ogle some other gorgeous brands and cool design. Dokter and Misses were flying the Joburg flag high with two award wins. Their awards looked perfectly at home amongst their modernist pieces, which would look perfectly at home, well anywhere, really. We lingered at so many of the exhibits: Brak Furniture and Saks Corner have slick mid-century furniture that sends you straight onto a Mad Men set, while Studio 19 and Egg Designs manage to make every piece lust-worthy. And we couldn’t forget Mia Mélange’s stunning handcrafted baskets or Meyer von Wielligh’s incredible workmanship.

    100% Design South Africa was such an inspiration. There is so much talent out there and we’re lucky to get to experience the fruits of it."

    Thank you for the feedback Robyn. Till next year! 

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