YOU MAGAZINE Design Store features

August / September 2021

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Creators of all kinds are always looking for new ways to share content across platforms, from news feeds to newsstands. Creators such as Beatrice Moore-Nöthnagel and Kim Arendse have put together some well-written articles and stunning visuals that celebrate a unique style that Design Store has to offer. Our products have been featured across multiple issues since August and we couldn't be happier.

You can now see more of our latest and greatest premier décor, designs, and trendy interiors all thanks to YOU and Huisgenoot magazine.

Check out our Grey Long Haired Sheepskin Rug in the 5th of August issue as well as our Pendant Fairy Lights in the 12 August magazine. Design Store was also lucky enough to be featured in both September issues, using our very popular Art Deco Steel Bed and Fila Weaved lampshade.

 These magazines focus on individual style and personality. Highlighting beautiful places and homes where every preferred lifestyle is achievable .

It is also about thought out styles and trending interior looks as well as articles that help recognise the amazing things that you can bring to your home at the click of a button.

The perfect addition to any coffee table.