Meet designer Sera Holland

Cape Town

The first visit which I undertook for Design Store's series of designer interviews, led me to meet with the lovely Sera Holland from the textile brand, Handmadebyme. Sera shares her home in Vredehoek with her husband. Sera's pretty designs adorn all things related to your home - think cushions, napkins, table runners, placemats...the list goes on.

You said you just recently moved in, how long have you been living here? And what was the first object you put out? 

Sera We have only been in our new apartment for a handful of months, one of which we were away for so it’s all very new. I think the first thing we put out was our fern who we fondly call Ferndinand. Weirdly enough our old apartment was almost identical in shape to our new one so we almost knew already where everything would go. The first thing we did was work out how to arrange our lounge, it was slightly smaller than the last one so we had to get rid of a couch and move things around a bit.

Where do you spend most of your time in your apartment? 

Sera In the combined living area between the lounge, balcony, kitchen and dining room. We love our new open plan space and we never had a balcony before so any excuse to sit out there when the wind isn't blowing!

If you could have anything else to put in your home, what would it be? 

Sera Shelves! I am desperate for some shelves and some self-standing shelving units for all our books and a new coffee table at some stage! 

Does the area inspire you and your work? 

Sera I do love living at the foot of the mountain surrounded by beautiful fynbos with a view of and across the sprawling city with the ocean in the background. We often go walking up the mountain behind our flat which has the most sensational views of the city as well as a sense of space that I find very inspiring.

If you could describe your work in three words - what would they be?

Sera Fun, colourful and bold.

You have so many beautiful plants, where did they all come from? 

Sera Well, I am lucky enough to share my shop with the very talented Alex of Windowsill (plants and flowers); every time she brings in new stock I have to try very hard not to bring them all home with me. I very often do. As I mentioned earlier, we now have a balcony so we're also very excited to finally try and grow a few herbs and veggies.

Are there any other designers you are inspired by? 

Sera I'm mostly inspired by fashion, interiors and art from around South Africa, and Africa too, but also from around the world. High fashion is what really excites me; the list of names goes on forever and changes with the seasons!

What is your favourite thing you have ever made?

Sera I have made quite a few favourite things, my first ever cushion cover that I sewed myself, my big plant and forest bowls that I made in pottery recently, but I guess the thing that I love the most right now is our wall hanging behind our front desk in the shop. 

What is next for Handmadebyme? 

Sera We're hoping that 2017 is going to be a very exciting year for us! Last year we opened our shop and introduced a lot of new products to our range, so this year we will definitely be adding some new designs to our collection. We also have a few exciting design jobs for clients lined up that we are really looking forward to working on.

Credits: Brett Charles Seiler