Ingrid and Jovan from The Artisan

My second home interview and shoot for Design Store's series of designer interviews sent me to visit the home of husband and wife team from The Artisan. Ingrid Auret and Jovan Geldenhuys share their house with an array of four-legged children and love life in Cape Town's City Bowl. 

When did you move into your house?

Ingrid We moved in on the 1st of November 2014, just after we get married in October that year. We were so lucky that everything worked out so that we can move into our very own little house after getting married.

You made hooks for your jackets, a knife holder and a clock - is there anything else you have repurposed or made?

Ingrid The clock in our kitchen is actually the backside of a pizza board! We also have some The Artisan copper hooks all over the house; our kitchen light was made by Jovan and also some few smaller furniture items throughout the house - like the side tables in the guest bedroom and the very simple dressing table in the main bedroom.

Do you have a favourite object?

Ingrid I don't know if it counts, but our gas hob! I love cooking and have always had to do use solid stove plates which are the absolute worst! So at the beginning of this year we replaced our hob with a gas one and it has been one of the best changes we've made to the house! Also, the fireplace!

Jovan For me it has to be our Nespresso machine, fireplace and the beautiful, round, brass mirror that Ingrid had made for the lounge.

Where do you get your inspirations from?

Ingrid Beautiful things, colour (even though our house is quite monochromatic). And of course Pinterest for home DIY inspiration!

What are all your pets’ names?

Ingrid We have two doggies, a boy named Omo and a girl named Maya and two bunnies, a boy named Roger (because Roger rabbit...) and a girl, Eva. They are all so cool and contribute so much to our little family.

Can you explain how the name The Artisan came to be?

Jovan Choosing a name for a business has got to be the most difficult part of starting a business! It has to be original, but not too complicated and long... So we basically looked for words that have something to do with creating things. An artisan creates things using his hands and all our products are hand-made. It just worked so well with the vision we had for the business.

What attracts you to copper and lighting?

Ingrid We found that, at the time of starting The Artisan, there were no local designers doing affordable lighting. Sure you could find a locally made lamp, if you were prepared to pay R8000 for one bedside lamp. We didn't see the point in this and found that there was a major gap in the market for locally designed, hand-made, affordable lighting. Copper was the big trend when we started so we went with that, it is such an amazing metal, the colour is just divine. We are moving towards incorporating more brass mixed with black and white now.

Are you working on any projects now or in the future that you are excited about?

Jovan We have so many custom projects at the moment, which really is such a dream come true for us. Creating beautiful pieces with customers for their personal spaces was the goal all along. So we are very excited about being given these opportunities to work with all these wonderful creatives and making beautiful lights.

Credits: Brett Charles-Seiler