GARDEN AND HOME features Design Store

January 2022

Garden and Home is a magazine that is your practical guide to beautiful living. We were fortunate to have a selection of Design Store products featured in their January 2022 issue. 

The intentional and conscious use of colour, tone, and texture is the most powerful interior design instrument in your creative arsenal. The right elements in your room will help create an energizing and calming retreat.

Many people know that your home acts as a reflection of your lifestyle. With the help of Design Store decor or furniture, you can now live to be anyone you want to be.

Thanks to the latest issue of Garden and Home magazine it has never been easier to explore your creative self and truly make a space your own. 

Take a look at our well-crafted handmade wooden giraffe bust. Each giraffe is individually hand-carved and suitable for any contemporary home. "Invite Africa inside" for the family to enjoy. There is also the sleek Marble Planter bench and table that combines a love for plants with that of designer furniture. 

You might be the person who likes to keep things looking a little more modern and want to eliminate clutter, then our beautiful Franklin pill-shaped mirrors with secret storage will suit most bathrooms.

The Kiaat peg leg mirror is a classic mirror and the perfect addition to any room. 

More interior inspiration can be found on our online store.

Keep an eye out for more Design Store products in upcoming issues of the Garden and Home magazine.