Apartment Therapy house tour

Hosted and photographed by Lana Kenney from Lanalou Style

I've been following the well-known American interiors-focused blog called Apartment Therapy, as well as South African lifestyle blogging queen, Lana Kenney from Lanalou Style. Imagine how excited, thrilled and mildly shocked I was when Lana approached me to ask whether I'd be interested in having our home photographed for Apartment Therapy.

Of course I said yes!

Our home has been featured numerous times on Design Store's Instagram and Facebook feeds - the majority of photos however have been styled to showcase numerous décor, furniture and homeware which Design Store stocks. Now Lana wanted to photograph our home in its real and toy-invested family-focused form! 

I admit I invited Lana over for a quick inspection and coffee first (I even played some Of Monsters and Men on iTunes to create the mood of a sophisticated inner-city space); luckily she found our Bo-Kaap home to be charming enough for a house tour shoot. 

Visit Lana's article on Apartment Therapy and let us know what you think. :)