Best priced in South Africa, our Springbok Hide Rugs are sourced from reputed local tanneries. Each rug is unique and beautifully patterned. 

No single Springbok Hide is alike and the images shown here are an indication of what you may expect your rug to look like when placing your order.

Free courier delivery to your door around South Africa.

100% Natural springbok hide
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2 days to dispatch if in stock
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Vacuum with a soft brush. Shake the rug with only enough force to remove dirt. Do not get your hide rug wet. Although you may use a slight amount of water to steam clean the rug, you should never get it wet. If your hide rug is ever soaked in water, it may be severely damaged. Always keep exposure to water at a minimum when cleaning your rug to help keep it in great condition. Air dry if it does get soaked in water, avoiding direct sunlight. Clean up spills quickly. If you have just spilled something on your rug, you should act quickly to clean it up. Soak the spill up with a towel or sponge. Don't wipe the spill away, as this will only spread it. Try to use only a dabbing motion while absorbing the spill. Should you need professional cleaning, please get in touch.