Add a touch of Nordic interior cool with a luxuriously super soft long-haired sheepskin as a central décor accessory.

Our Long Haired Genuine Sheepskin Rugs are of superior quality. The sheepskins work well on floors or to serve as soft padding for comfortable seating. 

The Sheepskin Rugs range in size from 100 x 80 cm to 100 x 100 cm. 

The natural sheepskin rug is not dyed and comes in the natural very pale off-white colour of the natural wool and is not dyed pure white.

Free courier delivery to your door around South Africa.

100% Natural wool with leather backing.
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Vacuum with a soft brush. Shake the rug with only enough force to remove dirt. Clean up spills quickly. Soak the spill up with a towel or sponge. Don't wipe the spill away, as this will only spread it. Try to use only a dabbing motion while absorbing the spill. The tanning process that the sheepskin goes through enables your sheepskin rug to be gentle hand or even machine-washed. It is important not to use hot water when washing, as this may damage the pelt of the sheepskin. Don’t completely soak your sheepskin rug in water. Air dry if it does get soaked in water, avoiding direct sunlight. To hand-wash or machine-wash on gentle wool-setting, use a mild wool cleaning liquid in cold water. Roll the sheepskin rug up and squeeze out as much water as you can, let it drain and then transfer to a washing machine to gently spin out most of the excess water. To dry the sheepskin rug, use a clean towel to lay it on avoiding direct sunlight, and pull the leather into shape, making sure it is flat. Keep exposure to water at a minimum when cleaning your rug to help keep it in great condition. Only wash when really necessary and when vacuuming doesn’t leave the sheepskin clean enough. Skin shrinkage of 8% to 10% may occur with washing and is normal. The leather side may become stiff after washing frequently, so massage the leather side to soften the skin again, and then brush up the fleece with coarse brush to restore wool pile.