By: Burgundy Collective


The Sunglass Holder will keep your spectacles scratch free in your bag or around the house. Made from genuine vegetable tanned leather and lined with a soft felt. This type of leather is designed to look weathered and vintage with wear over time.

Parcels are courier delivered door-to-door around South Africa and internationally via airmail with a tracking number.

Vegetable tanned leather
Product Lead Time: 
2 - 5 days
City courier:
R125 per 4 items from same designer
Outlying courier:
R150 per 4 items from same designer
R225 per 4 items from same designer
Only the highest quality leather was used to make your case. Leather is in essence a very durable material, and requires a limited amount of care. We do however recommend the application of leather food products - available at most supermarkets. For spots or spills - Blot (do not rub) excess liquid immediately with a clean dry cloth if possible. Allow area to dry - this may take a while. Most liquids will be absorbed by the leather and stains should disappear or fade over time.