By: Burgundy Collective


The Camera Strap is constructed from the highest quality natural vegetable tanned leather produced in South Africa. The leather is known for the amazing way it ages, develops beautiful patina and also softens over time.

Designed to sit comfortably around your neck and keeping you camera secure, while looking super classy. The strap length can be adjusted.

Parcels are courier delivered door-to-door around South Africa and internationally via airmail with a tracking number. Free delivery to major cities around South Africa.

Natural vegetable tanned leather
Product Lead Time: 
2 - 5 days
City courier:
Free from same designer
Outlying courier:
R150 per 4 items from same designer
R225 per 4 items from same designer
Only the highest quality leather was used to make your strap. Leather is in essence a very durable material, and requires a limited amount of care. We do however recommend the application of leather food products - available at most supermarkets. For spots or spills - Blot (do not rub) excess liquid immediately with a clean dry cloth if possible. Allow area to dry - this may take a while. Most liquids will be absorbed by the leather and stains should disappear or fade over time.