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Style your space with the very popular solid wood Nguni Head designed wall mounted hat and coat hook. Installation is very quick and easy. 

Timber options include Ash Black, Iroko Clear and Ash Medium Grey. The large Nguni head weighs 3 kg. 

The Nguni Hooks are upcycled as they are made from off-cuts from the manufacturing of larger furniture items. 

The wood colour of the Iroko Nguni Hooks are initially yellow in colour but darkens to a richer brown over time. Iroko is a very durable wood and does not require regular treatment when even used outdoors. Over exposure to the sun may however cause the timber to turn grey. 

The Ash Black and Ash Medium Grey hooks are more consistent in colour. 

Free courier delivery to your door around South Africa.

Ash or Iroko wood
Product Lead Time: 
2 - 3 weeks
Weight: 3 kg
City courier:
Free from same designer
Outlying courier:
Free from same designer